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Jamaica Inn

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Jamaica Inn

Published 1939

From IMDb: Set in Cornwall where the young orphan, Mary, is sent to live with Aunt Patience and Uncle Joss who are the landlords of the Jamaica Inn. Mary soon realizes that her uncle's inn is the base of a gang of pirates who lure ships to their doom on the rocky coast. The girl starts fearing for her life.

Stars: Charles Laughton, Maureen O'Hara and Leslie Banks

Run time 99 minutes
Production Company Mayflower Pictures Corporation Ltd.
Audio/Visual Mono, Black & White
Language English


Reviewer: dwj7738 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - September 18, 2014
Subject: Maureen O'Hara's First Film
This movie states introducing Maureen O'Hara. Yet under another name Maureen Fitzsimons she was in two movies in 1938
Reviewer: SmokestackJones - favoritefavoritefavorite - January 15, 2010
Subject: Middling Hitchcock
I dunno, I usually enjoy both Hitchcock and Laughton, but this was a bit of a chore. The good scenes are padded out by quite a few dull ones, although Laughton, while not quite fitting the part, is always entertaining to watch. Quite a shock seeing Robert Newton as a leading man but he does quite well in the role, as does Maureen O' Hara as the ingenue.

All in all, it was pleasant viewing, but not one I'd watch often.

BTW, this WAS O' Hara's film debut - Hunchback of Notre Dame was her AMERICAN film debut.
Reviewer: adalbert_f - favoritefavorite - June 5, 2008
Subject: One of Hitchcocks's worse...
I'm a big Hitchcock fan, but this is - and critics say the same - one of his worst works. It's a bit dull, hasn't much suspense, and your expectations from the first minute - a journey into the abyss of darkness - are dispappointed in the end. Laughton is an amusing guy, but doesn't into his role; his character is boring, also. The finale of Jamaica Inn is disappointing, too. If you're a real Hitchcock fan, you will have to watch this once; but just to know it and surely not again. Everybody else, take The 39 Steps or The Lady Vanishes in; even Stage Fright, also very unknown, can be recommended.
Reviewer: rq52 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - October 3, 2007
Subject: Hitchcock is excellant
I wish to comment on the reviewer before this one. This is not Ms. O"Hara's first film. Her first was an RKO's presentation with Mr. Laughton
entited , "Hunchback of Norte Dame". It is an excellant Mr. Hitchcock has chosen, "Jamica Inn".
I have seen it on nummerous ocassions and the film is worth burning for disc. Unforunately, the version of MPEG 4 is too large for a consumer's DVD for such an operation. As in Topic of Capicorn and Stage Fright as well. CouldIA make some version of Hitchcock alittle more conivenent to download&burn. It would be appreciated. Five stars for the films mention and two for the inconvenicence for burning.
Reviewer: MogHut - favoritefavoritefavorite - August 3, 2007
Subject: Recommend
I found this movie on video a while back and quite enjoyed it. The dialog at times was a little hard to understand, the acting was good.
Just a few weeks ago I picked up the book at a thrift store. Read the book after watching the movie, it's worth it. I think Hitchcock could have done a lot better with the adaptation but standing alone it's decent.
Reviewer: bearpuf - favoritefavorite - August 1, 2007
Subject: I only slept through the dull parts
Charles Laughton is marvelous as usual as a pampered delusional nobleman, and Maureen O'Hara is very young (well it's her first picture) and righteous. It fills the bill if you're just half watching it.
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